21 November 2021, by Victoria Séveno

It’s a universally acknowledged fact that languages are weird. All languages have funny grammar rules that make no sense, weird vowel sounds, and unusual expressions which are part of the common vernacular. 

Dutch is, of course, no different. There are several examples of funny and relatable expressions in Dutch that either don’t exist in your native language, or cannot be translated without sounding silly (or rude). 

Expats favourite Dutch expressionsWhether it’s something hopeful like na regen komt zonneschijn (“after rain comes the sunshine”), something silly like helaas pindakaas (“unfortunately peanutbutter”), or something borderline inappropriate like alsof er een engeltje over je tong piest (“as if an angel pisses on your tongue”), Dutch is full of some great expressions. 

In the video below, expats living in the Netherlands share some of their favourite ones.

What’s your favourite Dutch expression? Is there one you wish also existed in your native language? Let us know!


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