Poor Marvin arrived at the Hague Zoo, thin as a skeleton and covered in fleas. He weighed only 1 kg and was also far too small for his age. In the beginning he was afraid of people, now that has changed.

Marvin is also looking for a buddy

In the foster family, a completely different Marvin suddenly appeared. He runs, climbs and clambers all over the house! He still finds strangers a bit scary.

Marvin has since strengthened considerably. With his 2.4 kg he is now looking for a new home where he can make friends with another, sociable cat. Small children and Marvin are not a good match, because Marvin is sometimes a bit too playful with small children’s hands, arms and legs.

Do you want to adopt Marvin?

Have you fallen in love with cheerful male Marvin? Send an email to

. In the email, tell us something about yourself, how and with whom you live, how long Marvin has to be home alone and whether there is another cat in the house with whom Marvin can make friends.

The Hague Animal Center Foundation

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