A new mural was unveiled at the intersection of Erasmusweg and Beresteinlaan and Saturday 20 November is the best day to go and see it. Why? That day is the Day of the Rights of the Child.

The mural is not only about children, but is also designed by children. The students of primary school De Springplank in The Hague and the children of the Kinder- en Jeugdrechtswinkel started working creatively together with artist Jochem van Aller.

Not just a mural

Children’s rights continue to be extremely important to the kids. The large mural shows how children’s rights are reflected in everyday life everywhere. So it is not only a beautiful work of art, it also shows children that they have the right to free time, good education, shelter and their own opinion.

The mural is on Thursday 18 November unveiled and is (hopefully) one more for years to come good eye-catcher on the previously bare wall.

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