Sinterklaas has only just arrived in the country, but at the 68-year-old Jake Santos from The Hague, the house is already completely in Christmas mood. At the beginning of October the Christmas tree was already up. Isn’t that very early?

Inside at Jake it’s a lot of fun. Dog Bailey happily jumps around the table with tasty snacks. There is a large armchair next to the Christmas tree with presents, but otherwise the whole living room is empty. It’s time for a day full of photo shoots.

Favorite time of the year

“I love Christmas, it’s my favorite time of year,” says Jake. “I am really in love with the Christmas tree, I can keep it up all year round.” This year Jake has gone for a Christmas tree with snow. “Every year is different, I already have an idea in my head for next year.”

Since July, Jake had been collecting things for the Christmas decor. The idea came as early as January. “I think the Christmas tree is so beautiful, especially when it’s still dark outside in the morning and I turn on the lights in the tree.”

Christmas albums and Christmas cards

Jake’s wife, Karin, son Bryan and Bailey have now left the room. Now it is even more striking how empty the living room is. Since the beginning of October she has been busy with the Christmas shoots. Eight families a week come to her for a photo shoot.

Jake makes a photo album for all the families and the families use the photos for Christmas cards. “Renting a photo studio is expensive, this is a great solution.” Jake has been doing the Christmas shoots for 3 years now. “The best part is that old customers keep coming back. I see babies grow up and little kids grow up.”

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Family feeling

Between shoots, Jake is busy editing all the photos. She also thinks this is the most fun thing to do. “While editing the photos, I see so much love in the families. I really think that’s the best thing about being a photographer.”

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Photo: Jake Santos

Self in the picture

Jake also has pictures at the Christmas tree with her own family. We naturally wondered who took these photos. “We made it with a tripod and the self-timer. My family is already ready and I quickly run to the chair when I have set the camera.”

Would you like a nice Christmas card or a Christmas album yourself? Then take a quick look at Jake’s


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