The bullet is through the church: there will be another fireworks ban this year. That is what the cabinet decided today, Friday. We will have to do it again this year without bangers and decorative fireworks. Luckily we still have the oliebollen… What do residents of The Hague and fireworks sellers think of this?

We spoke to Sebastiaan, owner of the Scheveningen Fireworks Hall. “This isn’t normal, is it? We try to keep it tidy.”

Foreign fireworks

His father from Cash & Carry Erasmus is also there. “Now everyone goes abroad to get fireworks and we miss out on income.” Rick is all set. “All this time it was said that it would continue, we have already bought the fireworks and now it is canceled at the last minute. We receive a pathetic compensation of three times nothing.”

This is what Hagenaars think on Instagram


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