The holidays are coming, time to buy presents, enjoy beautiful shop windows and score a Christmas wardrobe! Of course you can go shopping in The Hague, but do you want to go somewhere else? Then hop on the tram or bike and go for a day to Delft. Along the cozy canals you will find nice boutiques and small, original shops where you can enjoy shopping.

It is very nice shopping in Delft : there are many unique concept stores, but also well-known retail chains such as H&M and The Sting. The big advantage is that everything is within walking distance and there are several shopping areas.

Each shopping area has its own charm and character. We tip a number of areas that you definitely do not want to skip.

Shopping along the canals

Delft is of course known for its beautiful canals. Mini Amsterdam, that’s what this cozy city is also called. North of the Market you will find special little shops, nice galleries and boutiques in beautiful canal houses.

Looking for a unique dress, loose tea or delicious chocolate? Here you will find it all! The shopping area is car-free, so you can stroll undisturbed along the canals.

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Hartje Delft

By the heart of Delft we mean the city center, where the Old and New Langendijk are located. located. The shopkeepers here are happy to give you expert advice on their specialty: whether you’re looking for running shoes, musical instruments, a (local) delicacy or art shopping, you’ll find it here.

From the Oude- and Nieuwe Langendijk you can easily pass through the Burgwal to the Beestenmarkt: a square full of terraces where you can relax with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

Photo: Michael Kooren photography

Brabantse Turfmarkt & Beestenmarkt

On the muted canals of Delft, the range of shops is varied. Are you looking for new sneakers, trendy clothing or something sporty? Here you will find what you are looking for. A trip to the cozy Beestenmarkt is easily made. On one of the many terraces you can have a delicious lunch or enjoy a nice drink.

Photo: Michael Kooren photography

Zuidpoort & De Veste

Of course you will also find the well-known large chains in Delft. These are mainly located in the modern shopping area De Zuidpoort. You will find ICI PARIS XL, H&M, Expresso and WE here. Catch a movie after shopping? You will find De Veste cinema and the theater of the same name within a few minutes walking distance.

Photo: Michael Kooren photography

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