Travel Electric from Amsterdam will cease to exist in the short term due to corona. The fact that companies are starting to travel less again due to the rising infection figures has taken its toll on the taxi company.

On May 1 2020 the then Taxi Electric a relaunch as Travel Electric. This was done in the expectation that the coronavirus will end 2011 would be under control and the taxi market would recover to 30 percent of the pre-corona level. However, this expectation did not materialize. Instead, market demand fluctuated between the 11 and 30 percent.

A recovery appeared to occur in September and October of this year, but since November there has been again there is a relapse and rising infection rates. As a result, the company does not expect the market to recover to 30 percent or more anytime soon. In addition, according to the company, the government support schemes have brought only limited relief.

First 100% sustainable taxi company The shareholder of Travel Electric has had to make significant additional contributions to guarantee the continuity of the company over the past eighteen months. Takeover talks have been held with various transport companies, but the current market sentiment would also make these companies wary. Therefore, a bankruptcy petition has been filed with the Amsterdam District Court.

Taxi Electric was in 2020 the first 30 percent sustainable taxi company in Europe. Today, a large part of the Amsterdam taxi fleet is electric and national covenants have been signed to drive electric taxis in throughout the Netherlands. “We sincerely hope that this development will continue and cherish the role we have had the opportunity to play in this development,” said Travel Electric.

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