When you walk through the stand, you have probably noticed that there are many houseboats in The Hague. We wondered how these houseboats got into place. Were they built on the spot? Dragged there? We went to investigate.

Most houseboats moored here in The Hague are built on a concrete bottom on which the houseboat is built. There are here and there old ships or houses built on a metal submarine, but these are much less in The Hague.

This is how a houseboat is built

Most houseboats are built in a shed at a shipyard. When building a houseboat, careful attention must be paid to the balance of the ship. For example, a bathroom outweighs a dining room. By making the concrete box lighter in one place than the other, everything remains in balance. After that, the living area is built on the boat and the boat is ready for departure.

Photo: indebuurt

This is how a houseboat ends up in its place

Once the boat is ready, the boat will be towed from the shipyard by another boat to the berth. That is quite a tour, because the nearest shipyard for houseboats is in Leiden. The houseboat must be towed across the Vliet via Voorburg to The Hague.

On the way to the berth in The Hague, the houseboat also passes under bridges and the water is not equally deep everywhere. To be able to pass under bridges, the boat is made extra heavy with large containers filled with water. This puts the boat deeper in the water. If it is shallow somewhere, those containers with water are removed from the houseboat again, so that the boat is higher in the water again. Once at the berth in The Hague, the boat is secured with poles and brackets. You can start living on the boat.

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