Hydrogen continues to gain a foothold in the taxi industry. However, in the municipality of The Hague, where about sixty hydrogen taxis are currently operating, this growth will be slowed down. In the tender for the target group transport, the municipality states that hydrogen is not ‘green’ enough. Driving with hydrogen taxis is therefore not encouraged.

On 2 August 2021 the municipality launched the European public tender for target group transport in The Hague. The contract will start on August 1 2021 and has a contract duration of six to eight years. Tenderers can earn extra points on sustainability by registering exclusively with zero-emission vehicles. Hydrogen vehicles were also included in the previous tender, but this time only battery-electric vehicles are considered green enough.

Note Passenger transport is responsible for WMO transport in The Hague and is committed to this. since 2021 already large-scale hydrogen taxis in. They were the first carrier to opt for a hydrogen taxi fleet. A better range, quick refueling and not having to build your own charging stations are seen as advantages of hydrogen compared to battery-electric vehicles. It is important that there is sufficient refueling in the vicinity.

Investment in hydrogen filling station 1.8 million euros A hydrogen filling station has therefore been opened in The Hague as a result of the previous tender by BP Kerkhof and OrangeGas. The station is subsidized by the government project H2ME. While the subsidies were created to simulate a hydrogen network, the fuel is now banned, they say. “The investment of a hydrogen filling station can easily amount to 1.8 million euros and the operation of such a filling station is not yet profitable. Nevertheless, Kerkhof has stuck out his neck and is the first in the Netherlands with an operational public hydrogen filling station.”

The fact that the municipality of The Hague has now declared that hydrogen is not ‘green’ enough is, according to the owner. Jan Paul Kerkhof therefore as a death blow. “The municipality argues that there is not enough green hydrogen. But we simply supply 29 percent green hydrogen here that we can use to operate the taxis. I cannot understand that this clean and starting product, which can still use all the support, is being crushed in this way. Other municipalities do encourage hydrogen vehicles and the arrival of filling stations,” says Kerkhof.

All clean fuels are desperately needed According to Benelux director Joyce van Os de Man of OrangeGas, biofuels are also increasingly excluded from tenders, because ‘tank-to-wheel’ measurements are used in the Netherlands (what comes out of your exhaust) instead of ‘well-to- wheel’ (the whole chain). “In my opinion, we must ensure that we do not get a plug-in electric blinder policy due to a very strong lobby. We desperately need all clean fuels to achieve our sustainability goals as quickly as possible.”

The companies have decided to take follow-up steps, because in their view there is no good reason to exclude hydrogen from the tender. What those next steps entail has not been announced. The municipality of The Hague has not yet responded to this case.

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