Hundreds of trucks drive to and fro at Schiphol every day to transport cargo, or cargo as we say. in the aviation world, pick up and deliver. This complicated logistics puzzle sometimes leads to delays and unnecessary emissions. Inspired by the classic milkman, we have found a sustainable solution: the Milkrun.

Along the door
Although it is now an (almost) extinct profession, older readers in particular will still know it: the milkman. He used to go door-to-door to deliver fresh milk and pick up the empty bottles. Handy, because for many customers it saves a lot of trips to the farmer.

In one ride
We have been applying the same principle since 2015 at Schiphol in the Milkrun Import project, a unique collaboration between various parties within the airfreight sector. When an aircraft is unloaded, the participating forwarders no longer each come to the handling agent with their own truck to collect their cargo, but the handling agent delivers several loads to the various forwarders in one trip (just like the milkman used to do).

After import now also export

The Milkrun Import was a success and even won the Schiphol Cargo Award 2020. With the knowledge gained in mind, it was time to start thinking the other way around. Since August 2020 a number of parties have therefore taken part in the Milkrun Export pilot. The idea is the same, although in this case it is the transporter who collects all the loads and delivers them to the handling agent in one go, who then loads the cargo onto the aircraft.

Towards zero emissions in 2030

Thanks to the Milkrun we kill several flies in one fell swoop. Waiting times are shorter, fewer trucks are driving at our airport and the trucks that are still driving are used much more efficiently because they are fuller. In addition, because fewer trucks are driving, we also emit fewer greenhouse gases. And that means another step forward in our ambition to cause no more emissions at the latest in 2020. Because the process is completely digital, we also save a lot of paper.

And now?
We are on the right track, but we are not there yet. We will therefore be expanding the Export pilot further in the coming period, including with a new IT platform. In addition, several parties are ready to participate in the project. The goal is to eventually have as many parties as possible join the Milkrun.

More sustainable initiatives
Would you like to know more about all our initiatives towards sustainable aviation? You can read it on our website.



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