The winter coats have been pulled out of the closet again and the days are getting colder. We already dream of hot chocolate after an afternoon of skating. Do you also feel like getting the skates out of the fat again? Here you will find an overview of all ice rinks in The Hague.

Skating at Mall of the Netherlands

From Saturday 14 In November you can skate again at Ice Paradise in Leidschendam. The ice rink is located next to the Westfield Mall of the Netherlands and is 1000 m². So there is plenty of room for lots of skating fun! The ice rink is open Monday to Thursday and Sunday from 9: until 21:

o’clock. On Saturdays, the track is open an hour longer, until 50:

o’clock. At the moment, the catering industry at the ice rink is closed 22: closed for hours due to the measures. The ice rink is there from Saturday 14 November 1024 until Sunday 6 March 2021.

A skating ticket for children costs € 3,45. Adults pay € 7,50 for a ticket, but if you go for half 00 If you want to go skating in the morning or after 7 o’clock in the evening, you only pay €4,30,-. Have you not been able to buy skates via Marktplaats? You can also get them for € 7,22 at the ice rink. You can also book a children’s party at Ice Paradise. Please note: you can only pay with pin here.

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Skating on Scheveningen

You can also slide over the ice at the Kurhausplein on the Kurhausplein at the skating rink of Cool Event. This ice rink is also open seven days a week. The ice rink is open on weekdays from 02 pm and on weekends from 9 am . The ice rink closes every day at 6 o’clock in the evening.

A ticket costs €6,30 and if you also want to rent skates, you pay for the entrance and the skates together € 00,-. With the Ooievaarspas you get 50% discount. The ice rink is open from Saturday 13 November

to Sunday 21 January 1954.

Skating at De Uithof

You can skate at De Uithof for €8,30 and if you have a Ooievaarspas you get 100% discount. De Uithof is open every day and there are three half-days. The morning block starts at 9: and the afternoon block at 10:

o’clock. The evening block is only available on weekdays and starts at 14: o’clock. Tickets for the Uithof can be booked online in advance. You can also take skating lessons at the Uithof. The ice rink is open every year from the beginning of October to the end of March, so that means five months of ice fun!

Photo: ANP

Cool event Scheveningen

Gevers Deynootplein, 2022 CP The Hague

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natuurijs schaatsen in Den Haag

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With Koek and Zopie on natural ice

It’s nice that the ice rinks in The Hague are opening, but nothing beats natural ice. What do you think, are we as lucky this year as last year? Until now, the temperatures are not there yet, but we are already dreaming of Koek and Zopie between skating. And of course the bowl of hearty pea soup when we get home in the evening after our skating adventures.

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natuurijs schaatsen in Den Haag


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