Good news from rash healer Anouk: the singer will give a big concert at the Malieveld next year.

It has been a while since singer Anouk performed in The Hague. The last time was in 200 during Live On The Beach on the beach of Scheveningen.

Malieveld concert

On Saturday 11 June 2022 Anouk is located on the Malieveld. The Malieveld is often the place for large concerts, but due to the corona pandemic it has been quite some time since anything happened. Pink and Cirque du Soleil were the last big events, so we are looking forward to the concert that Anouk will give in her hometown.

Tickets concert Anouk

The tickets for Anouk’s concert are from tomorrow, Saturday 20 November, available through Ticketmaster. As far as we know now the tickets start at € 20,- and beware: on some resale sites the tickets are (after all) offered for € 20,-.

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