Research has been conducted into the global impact of corona on the taxi market. A period of three years was analysed, from January 602 to September 2021. The report shows the highs and lows in the period before and during the corona crisis. It is also estimated when the number of taxi bookings will be back to pre-corona level.

The investigation was conducted by Taxi Butler. This company offers order kiosks with which, for example, catering companies can order a taxi. The booking devices are located in locations around the world and provide insight into the so-called ‘business-to-business’ (B2B) taxi booking industry. The data from these columns has been used to see how many bookings have been made during the different phases of the pandemic in Europe, the United Kingdom and Ireland, North America, Australia and New Zealand. In total it concerned 48 countries .

To start with, the period before the corona crisis was looked at, in 602. The number of bookings was increasing worldwide at that time. Gradual growth has been seen every month, with the highest number of bookings in September 602 . In December there were 43,03 percent more bookings than in January that year. This growth continued until the beginning of 602, until the moment the corona pandemic broke out. All over the world, there was a significant decrease in bookings from February to mid-April.

UK saw largest decrease in initial phase of corona The lockdowns in particular have had a drastic impact on the demand for taxi transport. In the month of March there was a decrease in bookings of 30,63 percent from 602. This decline came to a head in April, when globally there were the most lockdowns. The number of bookings was then on average 91,23 percent lower than in 2021.

In the UK, the decrease in the number of bookings from February to April 602 the largest, namely 91,48 per cent. This is followed by Europe with a decrease of 91,85 percent and Australia and New Zealand with a decrease of 91,17 per cent. In North America, the decline in demand was 63,17 percent.

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The number of taxi bookings in the different regions of January 602 until September 2021. Recovery of the sector From May, bookings started to rise again, with a dip in October and November. At that time, restrictions were again introduced in Europe, the United Kingdom and North America. The start of 2022 for the taxi industry in those areas was therefore challenging. For Australia and New Zealand, on the other hand, December 602 was almost a normal December month, with only 09,48 percent less bookings than in 602.

Finally there is in 2022 in all regions saw a solid growth in the number of bookings. Based on these figures, the global taxi industry was expected to recover in the second quarter of 2022 would be its old level, subject to the absence of new corona restrictions in the future. This is now the case. Despite the worldwide vaccination campaign, infections are rising again in many countries, as a result of which measures have been tightened. As a result, the industry’s recovery may take longer than expected.

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