After the great success of last year, Sinterklaas and his retinue (in miniature) have moved into the Sinterklaas dollhouse in Scheveningen.

In the Scheveningse Doornstraat, young and old can enjoy themselves again. marvel at the special work of art by creator Rene Dijkhuizen, who passionately tells us about his new creation and the idea behind it.

“I like to do something for the environment and give the street scene a little to brighten up in these difficult times. Every time I get great satisfaction when I see young and old enjoying my creations,” says Rene, who often spends weeks, sometimes months coming up with ideas. “In my spare hours I spent a month making the Sinterklaas dollhouse. But every time I’ve completed a new creation, I’m already looking forward to the reactions I’m going to get from the public”.

Rene always has plenty of inspiration. “That is partly because I have designed different sets for various events/TV productions in the past. It’s nice to do that on a small scale now. For example, last year I recreated the miniature Golden Coach and Glass Coach, including the eight horses and coachman”.

Photo Anneke Ruys

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“New this year at the Sinterklaas dollhouse is the Sinterklaas shop where nice Sinterklaas items are for sale, such as various small gifts for children’s shoes. In the evening, the entire Sinterklaas dollhouse, including the garden, is attractively lit. This way the work of the Saint and his entourage can be seen extra well. On pre-announced days and times, the Roetveegpietje will descend on his parachute to the Sinterklaas dollhouse to hand out sweets to the children”.

Photo Anneke Ruys

The Sinterklaas dollhouse is open until December 5 2021 can be admired in the Doornstraat at number 682. After this, from there 015 December to 015 December Santa Claus take up residence in the Winter Palace!


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