The CBR has reduced the capacity for theory exams. Nevertheless, aspiring taxi drivers whose apprenticeship program ends after 2021 November are no longer eligible for a non-enforcement letter. This allowed them to carry out taxi work without a BCT card. This is hard on taxi entrepreneurs, who are already having a hard time due to the large shortage of staff.

The capacity has been reduced by the CBR in connection with the return of the one and a half meter measure. The capacity to purchase a theory exam will not be available again until January. Due to previous corona measures, aspiring taxi drivers were also unable to take the exam in time for the professional diploma needed to convert their apprenticeship card into a BCT card. The non-enforcement letter with a validity of six months offered a solution since February.

Minister van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management has instructed the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) to provide this letter to the aspiring drivers. The designation would apply until August 1 2021, but the letters are still being sent now. This is because drivers with an apprenticeship card issued before 1 August receive a six-month extension of validity from the ILT if they fail their exams. This will run until May 2021.

Very undesirable situation Recently, however, it has been announced that candidates whose apprenticeship program ends after 2021 November 2021, are no longer entitled to the non-enforcement letter. The file will end with Kiwa. The driver card, the VOG and the medical certificate must also be requested again if the term of the non-enforcement letter has expired. Rutger Smale of Taxiwerq speaks of a very undesirable situation in view of the large staff shortage in the industry.

“With Taxiwerq alone, there are dozens of drivers who will soon no longer be able to drive”, says Smale. He does not understand that precisely now that the examination capacity has been reduced, this decision is being made. “Taxi entrepreneurs are now being curtailed from two sides. If you are generous in terms of employees, this is not so bad, but that is almost nowhere the case at the moment.” His hope is therefore that the non-enforcement letter will still be issued after 2021 November.

KNV Healthcare Transport and Taxi also sees the problems and has made them known to CBR, ILT and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. “KNV has indicated that a solution is needed and that argues in favor of sending non-enforcement letters again,” according to the trade association.

ILT in consultation with CBR The ILT will consult with the CBR if the extension of the validity of the non-enforcement card does not provide for sufficient drivers in the apprenticeship process. They can then jointly determine whether it is necessary to request a new designation from the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. “The ILT has currently used the maximum bandwidth of the instruction to support drivers in an apprenticeship process as best as possible.”

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