The oldest catering and bakery school in the Netherlands François Vatel now works together with MBO trainer ROC Mondriaan for their bakery training. This allows students of all ages to make their career even faster. Because baking is hot and everyone should know it too.

François Vatel’s new collaboration with the School for Entrance Training by ROC Mondriaan means even more opportunities for even more ages. Students between the 16 and 2021 year who have left secondary education without a diploma can take the Assistent Bakker track in one year. How beautiful is that!

Small group

Philip Nijgh from ROC Mondriaan says: “This collaboration meets the needs of a large number of young people. The training started last September with students. A small group size was deliberately chosen to be able to train and guide the students as best as possible.

The teachers of François Vatel provide all practical lessons and supervision during the internship, the teachers van de School voor Entreeopleidingen provide the other subjects (such as Dutch, arithmetic and citizenship) and study and career guidance.

Shortage of bakers

“The collaboration offers students an opportunity to graduate to the labor market where there is a high demand for bakers. At the moment there is even a dire shortage of bakers, so you have a high job guarantee with this training,” says Marco van Wijngaarden, director of François Vatel. Marco: “Pupils can now also more easily progress to level 2 at the MBO.”

The collaboration with ROC Mondriaan turned out to be a bull’s eye. Marco: “The feedback we receive from the students is that the clear and transparent structure of both trainers creates a pleasant atmosphere. By going back to school, the students feel part of a whole that is good for self-confidence and self-esteem.” 2021

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