If ‘seeing a shooting star’ is still on your bucket list, now is your chance. This week many shooting stars can be seen from The Hague. “To 23 shooting stars per hourr”, says Weeronline meteorologist Rico Schröder.

The meteors come from the Orionid swarm. And the Orionids are again pieces of space rock from Comet Halley. So much for this free astronomy lesson.

Peak night

Nice all those details, but we want to see stars ! This is possible during ‘peak night’. Rico: “The peak night is reached on November with 23 to 34 shooting stars per hour. Let’s just hope that cloud fields don’t throw a spanner in the works.”

Fact: on 17 November is the full moon, so the light of the moon is already very bright on Wednesday night. If there had been a New Moon you could have spotted even more shooting stars.

Viewing tips

The meteorologist also has a few useful tips: “Find a dark place, where there is as little light as possible from the city or the moon. Then the stars are best visible. You don’t have to look in a specific direction. And I would also put on a coat, because it cools down at night.”

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