The police in Amsterdam carried out a taxi action two nights in a row last week. This action was intended to combat antisocial driving behavior of taxi drivers. A total of 14 official reports were drawn up against various drivers.

The Infrastructure department of the police collaborated with enforcement officers from the municipality during the action. Their joint mission is to make the city center safer. Among other things, this action should contribute to this. Armed and with inconspicuous vehicles, the teams took to the road.

Official reports were drawn up for things such as speeding, ignoring the red traffic light and driving without lights. But taxis were also inspected for the transport and use of laughing gas, the passing of the taximeter inspection and the illegal operation of the boarding market.

Life-threatening situations A successful action is being looked back on. However, the situation remains dire, according to the police. This is because life-threatening traffic situations can arise due to the misbehavior of taxi drivers. Moreover, serving the illegal boarding market means that the group of drivers who do adhere to the rules are the victims and miss out on income.

The police and the municipality announce that they will carry out such checks. continue to implement in the future to prevent unsafe traffic situations and unsportsmanlike behaviour.

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