On the eleventh of the eleventh the carnival season officially starts. Carnival is not celebrated very extensively in The Hague, but … our city does have a carnival name. You can read which one that is below.

Cities and villages that participate in Carnival temporarily have an alternative name during the Carnival days. The tradition originates from North Brabant, but also in other parts of the country where carnival is celebrated, carnival towns and villages have different names. This includes The Hague.

Gold pooping and foam licking

On the website of History all carnival names are named. Your city will only be called Ganzegat, Goudpoeperslaand, Schuimlikkerveen or Halve gare riek. Our neighboring municipality of Rijswijk is called Knotsengat during this period, Delft is called Kabbelgat and Rotterdam is called Dwalmdam, or Rijneinde. And The Hague? Is he coming: The Hague is nicknamed Kreesiedentie .


It is of course not that difficult to think about how The Hague got this beautiful name. Our residence is also a bit crazy natural. Shall we start adjusting the nameplates in the city?

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