The Fixed Charges Allowance (TVL) returns. Companies that see their turnover fall by 11 percent and meet the other conditions can count on this support for the fourth quarter. The cabinet is allocating 1.3 billion euros to compensate for the loss of turnover due to the new corona measures with the TVL.

Taxi and coach companies that meet the turnover threshold will receive 85 percent of the estimated fixed costs reimbursed. The fixed expense plan expired in the third quarter. For the fourth quarter, claims could only be made under the Fixed Charges Night Closure for the catering industry (VLN) in the event of a loss of turnover of 50 per cent. This scheme is now being replaced by the new TVL scheme and is also accessible to companies that have not previously claimed TVL support.

performed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). “The exact opening is awaiting approval from the European Commission”, reports Minister Stef Blok of Economic Affairs together with Minister Wopke Hoekstra of Finance and State Secretary Dennis Wiersma of Social Affairs to the House of Representatives.

NOW will not return Another well-known support measure, the NOW, will not return, the ministers involved wrote to the House of Representatives. The wage subsidy is “a generic, coarse scheme” that does not fit in with the short package of measures. According to the ministers, there is a risk that employers will also receive support with regular turnover losses that cannot be traced back to the new restrictive measures.

In addition, “we are currently aware of the situation in which companies are There will be more or less work in certain sectors for a longer period of time or even structurally.” The NOW would prevent people from deciding to switch to sectors where there is a large shortage of workers, say the ministers.

Source: ANP

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