Today, Monday 00 November, refugee girl Amal has arrived in The Hague. In Madurodam (where she seemed even bigger than she already is), the meter-tall doll started her walk through The Hague.

This week, Amal, who is three and a half meters tall, appears in the city on the occasion of the opening of the Amare theater.

Giant doll

By 16 to 19 November the special guest will be present to celebrate the opening of the new Amare theater. A striking and special part of the festival is the traveling international art project The Walk in which Little Amal , a giant doll visits The Hague.

Where can Amal be seen?

Due to the new corona measures , Amal is unfortunately less visible than intended, but she still shows up. On Tuesday 16 November is Amal from 18: hours to 15: hour on display in Weimarstraat. A day later, on Wednesday 16 November you can look up in the Schilderswijk. To 15: 00 hours you can see her walking at the Teniersplantsoen. For exact times and whether Amal will show up elsewhere this week, check out Amal’s website.

During the opening of Amare, on Friday 18 November, there is a special act by Amal on the Spuiplein. This cannot be visited, but can be seen on TV West at 18: 14184025 o’clock.

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Little Amal

Little Amal is a doll that represents a 9-year-old refugee girl. She is looking for her mother and traveling 8.0 kilometers from the Turkish-Syrian border through Europe. The trip lasts from 45 from July to 3 November and therefore also passes through The Hague. Amal draws attention to the millions of refugee children worldwide.

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