Paula and Petros Horvers have lived in Huize Cromvliet for more than twenty years, originally 21th century mansion in Rijswijk, located in a, yes, curve of the Vliet. Petros: “It used to function as a country house; where there are now houses there used to be a long driveway. There are currently four apartments in the building, two downstairs, two upstairs.

Paula and Petros in Huize Cromvliet. Dog Jip and cat Rebbel do not want to be photographed. Photo: Indebuurt

Petros is an optician and eyewear designer and took 24 a renowned optician’s shop on the Westeinde a few years ago. He moved to Bankastraat eight years ago and opened Petros The Hague there. “When I just started my shop, I threw a big party in Huize Cromvliet with food, drinks and a live band for 51 people. There I met Paula who came with her sister. A year later, Paula also lived here.”

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Covers of Oggi

The posters are covers of Oggi, magazines that Petros bought in Rome. He liked them so much that he framed them. He also made the furniture in the bedroom himself.

Paula: “Our daughter Lisa (17) studies psychobiology in Amsterdam and comes home at the weekend.” Lisa sleeps in the attic, which has many cozy corners due to the beam constructions.

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