The British driver of the taxi that exploded in Liverpool yesterday has prevented a possible massacre. He found the passenger suspicious and locked him in his vehicle. Shortly afterwards, the occupant detonated an explosive device. The police have classified the explosion as a terrorist incident.

The taxi driver had locked the doors and was still in the car at the time, reports RTL Nieuws . A few seconds after the explosion, he managed to get out of the vehicle under his own power. He suffered minor injuries, but the perpetrator was killed.

British media report that it was a 19 year old Syrian asylum seeker. The explosive he had with him was presumably assembled by himself. The four men who were previously arrested in connection with the attack have been released after questioning.

Terrible disaster in the hospital The incident took place in front of the entrance to the Women’s Hospital. Liverpool Mayor Joanne Anderson praises the driver for his ‘heroic efforts’. In a BBC radio program, Anderson states that the driver was able to prevent something that could have been an absolutely terrible disaster in the hospital.

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