A taxi exploded at the Women’s Hospital in the British city of Liverpool on Sunday morning. One passenger was killed on the spot and the driver was injured. Three people have since been arrested on suspicion of terrorism.

Local media reports that eyewitnesses heard a loud bang, followed by a plume of black smoke. Photos of a burned-out car in the hospital parking lot were shared on social media. According to the police, the taxi was only just in front of the hospital when the explosion took place, reports the AD.

Driver out of danger The anti-terrorist police were summoned by the police to investigate the matter. There appeared to be suspicious circumstances. Three men from 11, 26 and 51 years old could be arrested shortly afterwards on suspicion of terror.

The driver of the taxi, who was able to escape from the car before the flames spread, is not said to be in danger of life, according to the police. The investigation of the anti-terror police into the incident and the people involved is still ongoing.

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