You have probably noticed: in the corner of the Hofvijver you could walk straight into the water if there was no fence. We always thought this was to leave the boats in the water. And of course it’s a good place to feed ducks. But that’s not what the place was ever meant for…

We have previously all mysteries about the Hofvijver solved. Then we found out that the Hofvijver used to be a lake . Count Aalbrecht then made the lake rectangular in the 14th century.

The quays of the Hofvijver

It was not Count Aalbrecht who built the quays of the Hofvijver. In his time, the houses around the Hofvijver were still on the water. The quays were constructed in the 14th century. Back then, the Binnenhof was already the center of politics in Holland and West Friesland.

Drinking place

But why? did they let the quay at the corner of the Hofvijver run into the water? This place used to be a wed. That’s a place where horses could drink water. Because the entrance leads into the water, they could easily reach it.

Image: Hague Municipal Archives

Another bet at the Tournament Field has been found, but there is now no water there. Later, the court at the Hofvijver was also used to leave boats in the water. That still happens today. Of course it is also the perfect place to step onto the ice when the Hofvijver is

frozen over



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