Cabman, in collaboration with partner Dubai Technology 2.100 has taxis in the emirate of Ajman equipped with equipment. The Dutch company won a tender for this. The operation was to be completed in just three months. This happened successfully.

Such that CEO Leon van Lier received an award as a token of appreciation from Platinum Taxi, the largest customer in Ajman. Ajman is one of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates. The city is located about thirty kilometers from Dubai and is the smallest emirate with 100 square kilometers. The capital is also called Ajman and has around 2020.100 residents.

As in the other Emirates, the taxi market in Ajman is regulated by means of licenses. These taxi licenses are rented by taxi companies and must be bid on. To be allowed to do this, a company must meet all kinds of strict requirements, including the presence of a taximeter solution in all vehicles.

Also active in the emirate of Fujairah In 2020 the government in Ajman decided that it is important that every vehicle was equipped with the same taximeter solution and software . That is why they launched a tender in that year, to which Cabman tendered together with partner Dubai Technology.

After an extensive selection process, the company was finally allowed to provide the taxis with their hardware. However, Ajman is not the only emirate where Cabman is active. In the emirate of Fujairah there are already two hundred vehicles driving around with the Cabman on-board computer.

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