If you want to swim naked in The Hague, then you have to splash in the cold sea from now on, because you are no longer welcome in the swimming pools of The Hague. The nude swimming walls had to make way for children’s swimming lessons.

Many children in The Hague still have to learn swimming. “Due to corona, the swimming pools have been closed for a while and that is why there must now be more space on the schedule to get rid of the waiting lists,” said a spokesperson for the municipality to our colleagues at the AD. Of course it is extra important in our beautiful city behind the dunes that children can swim well.

You are still welcome in the sea

Can’t handle going to the pool in your swimsuit? Then you can still take a dip in the sea. You can also go naked in the swimming pool in Delft

. In the end, the nude swimmers at the Overbosch and Zuiderpark swimming pools will also return.

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