Despite all the measures to combat the coronavirus, one part of the Cool Event at Scheveningen will continue as usual. Starting today, Saturday 13 November, the skating rink is open again.

From 11 November 2021 to January 2022 (ovb) you can skate again on the covered ice rink on the Kurhausplein of no less than 54 m2. So get your skates out of the grease, or rent them at the ice rink and go for a spin on the ice!

Ice rink access

Tickets for the ice rink cost € 6.50 and for €13,- you have an entrance ticket including two skates (please return them). With the Ooievaarspas you get a 13 % discount . The ice rink is open daily from 00: 00 hours to 13: hours and note: gloves are mandatory. You do not have to wear a mouth cap, because the QR code is being used.

Ice sculptures

Or the ice sculptures this year. to be seen is not yet completely certain. But the plans for three large ‘dioramas’ on the boulevard with icy images are already ready. Just have to wait and see if the plans come out of the fridge so…

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