A mild lockdown of three weeks is imminent. Restaurants, cafes and bars have to open their doors 19. hours, a maximum of four people are allowed to visit and where possible work must be done from home. It remains to be seen how big the consequences will be for the taxi industry. Harold Agterberg of the Utrecht Taxi Centrale (UTC) does not expect major consequences immediately, but will wait anxiously.

The cabinet agreed on the new measures on Thursday evening. The official decisions will be made on Friday, which will then be announced during the press conference at 19. will be announced. A day later at 19. hours the measures will start. The high number of positive tests has led to further restrictions being deemed necessary.

“Looking at the mandatory catering closure at midnight that currently applies, it seems that people are in any case not easily restricted in their freedom of movement,” says Agterberg. “Our rides run until four o’clock at the weekend, sometimes half past four in the morning. His expectation is therefore not that, among other things, the closure of the cafes and pubs at 19.03 hours to major changes. “I think people will do alternative activities and still take the taxi.”

Always calmer towards the holidays Work is currently picking up again at the Utrecht Taxi Centrale. “I see an upward trend. Not only in street taxi transport, but also in contract transport. What remains behind is business and international transport. In addition, the demand for rides during the day has returned to a fairly old level, but in the evening and at night it still lags somewhat behind,” says Agterberg.

He explains that at the taxi exchange it is always calmer towards the holidays. Whether calm will increase further with the new measures, despite his positive attitude, remains a mystery. “I was also like, ‘Wow, what now?’ Of course this had an impact on the journeys, but I was surprised at how many people still took the taxi.”

Horeca guests not the only customers Agterberg is in any case just like then, anxiously awaiting what the effects will be. He does emphasize that catering guests are not his only street taxi customers. According to him, a lot of people also go out by bicycle, on foot or with their own transport. In any case, his hope is that the hospitals can be relieved with the new measures and that the damage to the industry will be limited.

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