There is always a reason to put a well-stocked serving board on the table. At Meesterbakker Roodenrijs you can easily put together a nice selection of delicious snacks. This baker puts five in a row for you.

Pane spicy

The first bite is

pane spicy. This crispy, fluffy snack helps reduce food waste as it’s made from leftover bread that’s marinated and toasted in the oven. Combine it with a good olive oil and diced tomato and you get a bruschetta-like dish.

Pane spicy is a delicious snack, made from leftover bread. (Photo: Master baker Roodenrijs)


Quiche might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a serving board, but cut it into small dots and it looks super festive. And just wait until you taste it. The flavor combination of ham, cheese and onion is irresistible. Especially if you warm it up in the oven.

Meesterbakker Roodenrijs borrelplank quiche
Quiche is a festive addition to any serving board. (Photo: Master baker Roodenrijs)

Puff pastry snacks

Also a good idea: an assortment of different puff pastry snacks with a filling of, among other things, cheese ragout, veal ragout or minced sausage. They are already baked, so you can serve them straight away, but they taste extra good if you heat them in the oven. There are nine pieces in a box.

The puff pastry snacks are crispy flavor bombs. (Photo: Master baker Roodenrijs)

Crispy seasonings

If you like crunchy seasonings, you can also use

cheese onion sticks. They combine a soft, airy interior with a crispy crust of cheese and onion. Or go for a box of butter salts.

Airy on the inside, crispy on the outside: the cheese onion stick. (Photo: Master baker Roodenrijs)

Surprise with bread

Baguette can’t be missed with a drink. Do you want something different than regular baguette? There is so much delicious bread to serve! For example, go for Meesterbakker-Roodenrijs-borrelplank-kaasuienstokold cheese-mustard bread, with fresh farmer’s cheese van Winden Cheese and Dairy Farm in Schipluiden. Or go for one of the many types of Meesterbakker-Roodenrijs-borrelplank-assortiment-desembroden sourdough and spelled bread, such as walnut sourdough bread. Drinks!

Different types of sourdough bread. (Photo: Master baker Roodenrijs)


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