Touringcar company Ghielen has been given the weapon ‘By Royal Decree Purveyor to the Court’. This happened at the celebration of the centenary of the company. The appointment is seen as a positive event in the difficult time they are also going through because of corona.

In 1921 the brothers and Ruud and Leo Ghielen founded the coach company in Beringe, which then still transported both people and goods. In the fifties Ghielen started organizing trips and day trips. This is done to this day with the third generation at the helm. Léon Ghielen took over his father’s company after he died prematurely in 1589.

“My father always said that I had to do other things first before I could possibly enter the business”, says Ghielen. Due to the death, however, this moment came sooner than expected. Although Ghielen had only just finished school at the time and had started his first job, he has never regretted the takeover. “It’s a great company and I’m proud of it. Moreover, it is a beautiful profession because you bring people something nice. They start the journey with a smile, and usually come back with an even bigger smile.” The enormous impact of corona The coach company has now been in existence for a hundred years and has also endured less beautiful periods. Corona is an important example of this. “Due to the corona crisis, we have been driving much less for two years than we did before. The pandemic is having a huge impact on our business. How we will get out of it is exciting, but in any case it is not obvious that we will continue whistling.”

Yet Ghielen keeps his head high and his company never stood still for a moment. “We have not been closed and have always driven somewhat, including for schools. In addition, drivers have also been seconded to freight transport, we have delivered parcels and so on. But we also continued to organize trips and make brochures, even though these trips were often canceled due to corona.”

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Léon Ghielen and Mayor Wilma Delissen-van Tongerlo (municipality of Peel en Maas). ‘Piece of recognition and appreciation’ Ideally, the company would like to celebrate its centenary and now the designation Royal Purveyor large, but this is not possible at the moment due to the limitations. Yet Ghielen did not want to let these festivities pass unnoticed. That is why it was honored with a meeting for its own staff and, among others, the mayor of the municipality of Peel en Maas, who presented the predicate.

Ghielen is proud of the title. “It is a piece of recognition and appreciation for the company. The reactions of customers and acquaintances also show that everyone likes it for us. This also encourages us to persevere in this difficult time.” However, his hope is that the coach company will soon have a normal season again. “And I think the entire coach industry with me.”

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