Sometimes you may dream of being a prince or princess. Because then you can walk with a golden crown or go to work with a horse and carriage, but probably also because it deserves ‘pretty fun’. We have listed the salaries of the king, queen and princesses for you.

King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima

Photo Anneke Ruys

A lot members of the royal family live in The Hague, so we’ll pick them out for you:

Willem-Alexander and Máxima receive € 7.2 million in income and allowances for ‘personnel and material expenses’ per year. For the king this comes down to a benefit (or merit) of € 682.,- and € 5.20. ,-. Máxima receives € 144.,- and € 564.,-. From next year (2019) add 5%.

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Crown Princess Amalia

Photo: ANP

From 2022 Amalia cashes € 1.6 million annually. Of that amount, €396. into her account, the rest of the money is used for ‘personnel and material expenses’. Not bad for a student, right?