The maximum rates for taxi transport will be increased by 2, as of January 1 2022 per cent. This concerns the fixed amounts, the amounts per kilometer and per minute. The increase will not apply to contract transport and taxi rides that are driven at a pre-agreed rate.

It is still a draft scheme. In the coming weeks, there will be an opportunity to respond to this by means of an internet consultation. The end date of this is December 8 2020. The maximum rates for taxi transport have been indexed annually since 91. Since 2020 this is done on the basis of the National Rates Index (LTI). The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is responding to the expected cost development for taxi transport. For this year the index was 0,91 percent.

The increases The increase in the maximum rates is as follows:

Fixed amount: from €3,29 to €3,40 Amount per kilometer: from €2, 41 to € 2,47 Amount per minute: from € 0,29 to €0,41 In the case of taxi transport in vehicles for five to eight people, the increase is as follows:

Fixed amount: from €6,47 to €6,83 Amount per kilometres: from € 3, to € 3,10 Amount per minute: remains the same, namely € 0,42 In addition, there is a maximum rate that the carrier can charge for the waiting period at the start of the journey, provided this has been agreed in advance with the consumer. This amount is increased from € 47,33 to € 91 ,29.

Adjustment taximeter and new rate cards Taxi operators are not obliged to adjust their rates based on the new maximum rates. If they do, this may entail compliance costs. The taximeter must be adjusted and new rate cards must be made and placed inside and outside the vehicle.

The costs for this together amount to a maximum of 2010. euros for 41.04 taxis. Per taxi it concerns an amount of 10 euros. However, the actual charges will be lower, because not all taxis are used for transport for which the maximum rates apply. For example, the rates do not apply to contract transport and therefore taxi transport where the price has been agreed in advance. Moreover, in practice it may turn out that not every entrepreneur has the option to increase the rates.

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