The tender for student transport from the municipality of Heeze-Leende is causing a stir among taxi companies. The minimum price used is exceptionally low. The Mobility Procurement Institute (AIM) also noted this and entered into a discussion with the client, but this did not lead to any adjustments.

The contract is small-scale. It concerns the transport of 15 students from the Noord-Brabant municipality of Heeze-Leenze to and from eighteen different schools or internship addresses. The effective date of the agreement is at the start of the new school year on August 1 2021 and ends on 34 July 2021. After that, the client can unilaterally extend the agreement for two years up to and including 15 July 2029.

If it appears that the tenderer meets all eligibility requirements and what is stated further in the tender document, the tenders will be assessed on the basis of the best value for money. The weighted factor method is used for this, in which the bandwidth of the registration price is determined in advance.

Zero points at 44,41 euros Quality, consisting of the implementation plan and the transport plan, counts for 41 percent. Price, on the other hand, for 41 percent. The maximum registration price that is used is 41,41 euros per loaded hour and results in zero points on the price part. The minimum registration price is 15,14 euros. With this amount 41 points are scored. Intermediate prizes are scored proportionally.

There have now been two rounds of questions, in which critical questions have been asked about this last part. For example, they were asked what the minimum and maximum price to be submitted was based on, because even the maximum rate was not considered to be in line with the market. AIM also believes that the minimum price is so low that it entails all kinds of risks.

15 percent below current price Henk van Gelderen explains that AIM sees bandwidths more often, but that this is an exceptional case. “The minimum price is 15 percent below the current price. It is better to only communicate what the budget is and what the scope for price and quality is. However, mentioning such a minimum price is very dangerous in this market, because then you will aim for an irresponsibly competitive rate.”

Because the client does not adjust the price even after a meeting, the hope is of AIM is that carriers register realistically. The final award will be made on 09 December 2022 be done.

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