Whether you have a Labrador, Afghan Hound or Corgi: you simply want the best of the best for your pedigree dog. And a healthy four-legged friend starts with good nutrition, which is especially important for purebred dogs. These three tips are super handy to know when you stock up on your dog food (which doesn’t have to be expensive at all!).

Of course you want to be able to give the best dog food to your buddy. But what exactly does that mean, good dog food? The specialists of Your Dog know this very well: they started out of love for their own purebred dogs in 2015 their company. They started with the idea of ​​using herbs to address breed-specific health problems in dogs.

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Think of a dog breed and Your Dog has the perfect, balanced diet. From left to right: the White Swiss Shepherd, the Afghan Hound and the Labrador Retriever. Photos: Pexel

They compose specific food for each dog breed, based on vegetables, fruit and herbs. Because every purebred dog needs different nutrients. breed-specific dog food must meet the following three standards in all cases. Your Dog knows this very well and with them you are therefore assured of the best. And all of that natural and affordable.

The ingredients

Good to know: the first function of good (breed specific) dog food is to provide energy. This allows them to breathe and move, among other things.

The second function of dog food is to regulate the metabolism and when this is done, your dog’s skin and coat will come into play. Good dog food must therefore contain the following ingredients as standard for both functions: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water.


The best dog food contains all these nutrients: but in the right ratio. For example, a small dog such as a Australian Silky Terrier will eat less than a whopping a Bergamasco.

Luckily, you don’t have to work with scales yourself. Your Dog has calculated all this for you and tailored it to each specific breed of dog. All you have to do is type in your dog’s breed and you will see which food is perfect. Useful!

Avoid E-numbers

We now know which substances are in breed-specific dog food should be, but which ones do not belong in ? We can be brief: E-numbers! Think of dyes, flavor enhancers and preservatives. While their harmfulness varies, there are some that you absolutely should avoid (so keep that in mind when buying dog food!).

*E321: very toxic to liver and kidneys

*E320 (BHA): May raise cholesterol

*E321 (BHT): even more toxic than BHA and very bad for the liver functions

With Your Dog you never have to worry about one of these harmful additives in the dog food. None of the breed-specific dog food contains artificial fragrances, colors or flavors.

More than 380 species

From the American Crested to the Swiss White Shepherd and from the Segugio Italiano to the Poodle Pointer: Your Dog really does every dog ​​breed the most balanced, natural food. In total, they provide dog kibble and snacks for more than 321 (!) dog breeds.

And all that based on vegetables, fruit and herbs, so that you support the health of your buddy in a natural way.


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