The market for electric vehicles in the Netherlands is the most mature compared to other leaders in the world. There are plenty of different models available, the vehicles are relatively affordable and the market share is growing considerably compared to petrol and diesel models.

This is the result of a worldwide survey by consultancy and engineering organization Arcadis. The Netherlands also leads the way when it comes to vehicle charging infrastructure. At the moment there are 29 electric models for sale, there are 6.8 cars in circulation per charging point and the market share of electric cars grows to sixty per thousand people in . The growth in the number of electric cars and charging points is therefore progressing well, with a good strategy according to the report.

A point of attention, on the other hand, is the planning of charging points for the longer term. The Netherlands is struggling with grid congestion in some parts of the country. This means that the space on the electricity network is too limited to be able to realize projects for sustainable energy generation. Various solutions are already being devised for this. For example, Startup PowerD recently launched a smart charging station that uses an algorithm to ensure that cars are charged with green energy when it is cheapest available. is.

Charging infrastructure and greening taxi and coach sector In addition, according to the report, the Netherlands can still make gains if the rules surrounding infrastructure for electric vehicles are improved. Arnoud Neidig, director of Arcadis, explains that this could include many more accessible charging points in residential areas. “Charging networks can also be cleverly linked to sustainable energy generation and storage.” The greening of the taxi and coach sector is particularly important according to KNV also in the right direction. In the field of passenger transport vans and coaches, however, the market is still far from fully developed. Work is currently underway on this, so the trade association expects the taxi and coach sector to be climate neutral before the middle of this century.

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