Many insurance companies have stopped offering taxi insurance. Where it is still offered, the conditions have been tightened up enormously and the costs are skyrocketing. More taxis are driving around uninsured as a result. Traksi offers an insurance solution as a solution whereby drivers themselves are responsible for the amount of the monthly premium.

The reason for the scarcity in taxi insurance is mainly attributed to the ease with which people can become taxi drivers nowadays and the age of new drivers. According to Traksi, more and more young people are entering the field of work. “Due to their shorter driving experience, the risk of an accident is greater. As a result, insurance companies have been looking for ways to guarantee that they could cover the costs of possible accidents.”

Some companies have stopped offering taxi insurance, and others have increased the cost. This cost increase applies to everyone, regardless of whether previous claims for damages have been made. “However, taxi drivers can no longer cover these costs and are forced to think about their finances. For some, this means that the sum of costs is too high to include insurance. They then drive around uninsured and get even further into trouble if they get involved in an accident.”

Not immediately settled on an accident Traksi would like to put an end to the excessive insurance premiums for taxi drivers and therefore started offering a new type of insurance in September 2021. The driver’s driving behavior, and thus the risk of damage and claims, influences the amount of the monthly premium. This is monitored by means of track and trace. “The purpose of this is to prevent everyone from being lumped together. You yourself get the opportunity to influence the amount of your insurance premium and you can prove yourself every month .”

If an accident has happened, you will not be charged immediately. “Instead, our cameras record images from 30 seconds before and 30 seconds after the accident. This gives us insight into what really happened and a driver can prevent a claim for damages.” Read also:

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