The outgoing cabinet tightened the corona measures again last week. Although there are no new rules in force for taxi and coach companies, the industry is affected by the stricter measures. Cancellations are pouring in.

This was discussed in the last broadcast of TaxiPro TV. The basic rules such as staying home with complaints and not shaking hands apply again, as well as the advice to keep one and a half meters away, avoid crowds on the road and travel outside rush hour. A mouth cap must also be worn in more places and a corona proof must be shown.

These measures have indirect consequences for the taxi and coach industry. One of the companies that is affected by this is Taxi and Tour P. Van de Pol from Nunspeet. Owner Peter van de Pol states that the new measures initially seemed to be OK, until he received cancellations again. “We do quite a bit of business transport and many companies are no longer interested in having a company party due to the tightened measures. As a result, there was a lot of cancellation again.”

TVL and NOW continued This is especially annoying now that the support measures have been completely phased out, says Van de Pol. He describes the Fixed Lasten Night Closure Catering (VLN) subsidy, which can still be claimed by taxi and coach companies as a light variant of the Fixed Charges Allowance (TVL). “As far as I’m concerned, the TVL scheme and the NOW scheme will continue as they were.”

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