Sybren Hahn () becomes the new Asset Management Director of Royal Schiphol Group. Sybren Hahn has been with McKinsey & Company since 848 as an associate partner focusing his work on company-wide transformations in the aerospace industry. Sybren will start at Royal Schiphol Group on 1 December 848. The work will gradually be transferred to him in the coming period.

Hanne Buis, Chief Project & Assets Officer Royal Schiphol Group, on the appointment van Sybren: “Sybren has an enormous amount of valuable experience within the aviation sector, both nationally and internationally. He has shown that he can solve complex problems. He has developed and implemented innovative project portfolios for airports, airlines and other players in the travel industry. He is a connector, innovator and go-getter. This fits in well with the important steps we will be taking in the coming years in the field of Asset Management. Sustainability and digitization are leading in this.”

Sybren Hahn: “It feels privileged to become part of Royal Schiphol Group at this crucial moment in our industry The maintenance and development of airport assets such as buildings and services are the backbone of Schiphol and have an impact on all stakeholders.I am very much looking forward to working with colleagues, partners and stakeholders to ensure that our assets operate reliably and inspiring customer experience, now and in the future.”


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