At the end of August Fred came to the Hague Animal Center as a stray cat. He turned out to be an old acquaintance. He was given the name Tough Fred.

The owner could be traced through his chip. Unfortunately not good news, Fred had decided years ago that the grass was greener elsewhere and Mrs. had her hands off him.

Street cat

People in the neighborhood cared about him and fed him. Still, he probably lived mostly on the street and had to make his own way. Although he probably had safe places to sleep here and there, received some love and kibble, a visit to the vet had been far too long ago.

He came in with a cyst on his cheek, his teeth were in bad shape, he walked very stiff and his fluffy coat betrayed the hard life.

Dear people

He is still the Tough Fred from then. The years have brought him wisdom and given him the title “senior”. The cyst has been removed, eight bad molars have been removed and the X-ray has shown that he has spondylosis and therefore needs lifelong (daily) pain medication.

For this intensely sweet friendly reus, the Hague Zoo is immediately looking for the sweetest people who will give him a loving old age. A household without other cats because Fred doesn’t like that very much. A place with a garden where he can still get some fresh air. A place where his basket is always ready and where he can put his days of survival behind him.

Let’s be honest… Tough Fred simply deserves the sweetest people! Would you like to contact asap with telephone number and family situation.

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