A group of Uber drivers has united in the Foundation for Independent Drivers (SvZC). Among other things, the foundation asks for the ‘undesirable consequences’ of the ruling in the lawsuit by FNV against the taxi platform.

The court ruled in September that Uber drivers are employees and that the platform must therefore adhere to the Taxi collective agreement. However, a number of drivers do not agree with this. They do not consider themselves an employee and do not want to be one. With the establishment of the foundation they hope that their voice will be heard.

At the moment they have the idea that this is not the case. They express their dissatisfaction with this. “We have the feeling that our wishes are not represented, also because hardly anyone of our FNV is a member and we want to change that by forming the Foundation for Independent Drivers,” said Roger Kaiser, independent taxi driver from Lelystad and chairman of the foundation. .

Working for better conditions for platform drivers In addition to making their voices heard, members want to van SvZC are committed to improving the conditions for drivers working for platforms such as Uber and Bolt. According to them, this can be done, for example, by tackling loss-making journeys or by applying better rates.

Kaiser states that it is time for self-employed drivers to combine their knowledge and strengths. The spokesperson for the foundation reports to Nu.nl that about three hundred taxi drivers, a small 10 percent of the number of self-employed drivers in the Netherlands have indicated that they want to join the association.

FNV continues to stand behind arguments Amrit Sewgobind, chairman of FNV Taxi, explains in a response that they started the lawsuit because Uber does not comply with the rules . They are convinced that an employed Uber driver is much better off than self-employed. “We knew that some of the Uber drivers disagree and that they are now setting up a foundation is of course their right.”

Nevertheless, FNV stands by their arguments that these drivers employees have much more certainty about their wages, no longer suffer from unprofitable journeys, that waiting times are paid and that insurance, pensions and sick days are properly arranged. “And almost a thousand Uber drivers have already indicated to us that they agree with this.”

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