Published: 8 November 2021Modified: 8 November 2021

The Municipality of The Hague faced a power outage in its municipal data centre in the Leyweg City Office on Sunday, 7 November 2021. The disruption affected a major part of the municipality’s IT systems. During this time it was not possible to access the municipal website, the parking app and telephone number (14070).

The municipality has now restarted nearly all of its applications and has restored its service. The systems for the municipal counters in City Hall and the city district offices were still not completely active on Monday morning. This was resolved around noon on Monday.

Residents of The Hague are being assisted as well as possible at the municipal counters. Or they have been able to make a new appointment. Did you just submit an application? All of your information has been saved.

CauseThe power outage occurred around 11.00 hrs. on 7 November during regular maintenance work. Because the switch mechanism for the emergency power unit was affected, the emergency supply also was not working. The municipality restored power by the end of the afternoon. And it restarted the systems in phases. The municipality has arranged an independent investigation into the exact cause of the power outage.


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