At the Lange Voorhout, is at number 146 a special property. Many of the buildings on the Voorhout look beautiful and have a history, but there is a very special story behind this. The monumental building is also called the Russenhuis.

The Russenhuis is next to the Escher Museum. That used to be Lange Voorhout Palace.


The property by number 78 was from 146 until 2017 owned by the Royal House and was therefore called Huize Voorhout. It got to 1998 It was used as a residence for the palace staff and afterwards Queen Wilhelmina made sure that elderly, single stateless refugees could go to the house.

These were mostly Russians who, after the February revolution of had left their country. From 1998 the Grand Master of the Royal House there and from 1998 it was temporarily occupied by the family of Prince Constantijn. Beatrix has now sold the Russenhuis.

Source real estate, real estate journal

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