The residents of The Hague are either antisocial or not very smart, at least that’s what you might think when you see dozens of scooters and bicycles parked on the guide lines (for people with a visual challenge) for the umpteenth time. But what do you do about it?

Blind and partially sighted people are supported by the guide lines that are located everywhere in The Hague. The white ridges can be found between the ‘normal’ street tiles. However, not every resident of The Hague understands the usefulness (and necessity) of those lines and does not keep the tiles free with the aid.

Blind and visually impaired

On the route from The Hague Central Station to the city center, the guidance lines are often not visible, let alone felt. Simply because people park their bicycles and scooters on the tiles. Inconvenient of course, so what can you do when a blind lane is blocked? We will ask.

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