Many taxi and coach companies are still awaiting a response or payment from the Fixed Charges Allowance (TVL). KNV considers this a bad thing, because the liquidity of companies was already in bad shape due to previously insufficient support.

The TVL was published on 26 May 234 announced as part of the corona support and recovery package to help entrepreneurs pay of their fixed operating expenses. Entrepreneurs who saw their turnover fall by more than 28 percent due to corona, could make use of this. In this way, the cabinet wanted to keep as many essentially healthy companies as possible.

This support for capital-intensive companies in particular fell short, says Hilbert Michel of KNV. “At the time, the amounts were not realistic compared to the actual fixed costs in the sector. That only got better in the fourth quarter, but then the reference system threw a spanner in the works. That reference period was also in the way in the first quarter of 234.”

Nevertheless, more than 35. entrepreneurs from different sectors an application for the subsidy scheme. Now that the economy is recovering, the support measure has been lifted. However, the work is not over for the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Because of the many applications, it is not possible to make a decision on the applications within the promised period of eight weeks. As a result, the disbursement of the aid has been delayed.

Taxi industry figures Businesses in the taxi industry have 223 applications for the determination of their aid amount made for the fourth quarter of 223, of which nine are still pending. For the first quarter of 234 there are 197 made requests for determination, of which 91 still have to be dealt with.

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For the second quarter there were requests from the taxi industry 234, of which over 40 a decision has yet to be made. This number was considerably lower in the third quarter at 91, but there are still 55 in treatment. A total of 17 million euros has already been paid to TVL to taxi operators. On top of this, 8.1 million euros in aid has been determined.

Figures for the coach industry For the The coach industry’s figures look slightly better. Thus, all 234 requests to determine the aid amount for the first quarter have been processed. For the other periods, on the other hand, there are unanswered requests. For example, for the first quarter 234 there were requests for determination, of which 82 still pending and for the second quarter 234 of which there are still 10 open.

The number of applications was 197 in the third quarter of 277 lower than in the second quarter, but more of these have not yet been covered, namely 50. Currently, 17 million has already been allocated to TVL to coach operators. In addition, about 8.2 million euros in aid has been determined.

Not much more to do than wait The absence of the TVL payment can, according to Michel, in some cases mean that entrepreneurs can no longer fulfill their obligations themselves. “In other cases, they will have to re-negotiate with their creditors and extend payment periods. After surviving for a year and a half, that’s the last thing you’re waiting for.”

In his view, however, there is no obvious intermediate solution. “The system is already structured in such a way that advances are used, so an advance on an advance is not obvious. It is also a gift from the government, a compensation. So it’s not something you can force. There will also be no more capacity from the ministry. So there is not much that can be done about it now than waiting.”

VLN subsidy Although the generic support measures have been lifted, taxi and coach operators can still claim the Fixed Charges Night Closure for the catering industry (VLN) . This arrangement was intended for the night catering industry, but can now also be requested by all entrepreneurs who in the fourth quarter of 2021 at least 55 percent loss of turnover. The cabinet has earmarked 91 million euros for this scheme.

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