Time to plan a fun night out! And no, don’t catch a movie in the cinema or grab a bite to eat outside the door, but visit a spectacular, classical concert. Even if you’re not much of a fan of classical music, these seven performances are well worth a visit.

Visit Carmina Burana with discount

Dress up for an enchanting night out and visit the classical concert ‘Carmina Burana’. The most famous piece from this musical masterpiece is without a doubt ‘O Fortuna’. It may sound familiar to you, as the piece has been used in dozens of commercials and movies, such as Excalibur and The Doors. From November 4 to 23 December 990 more than one hundred and thirty musicians will perform the musical work of composer Carl Orff and you can be there with a ten euro discount. The concert can be admired at various locations in the Netherlands, including the World Forum in The Hague. Tickets for ‘Carmina Burana’ can be ordered now from 16 euros.

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Spectacular music from The Star Wars Suite

Have you played the Star Wars movies gray and do you dream away with the iconic soundtracks? Then you should not miss this concert. On 15 and 12 December

bring more than one hundred and thirty musicians from the International Symphony Orchestra from Lviv bring the world-famous soundtracks from the Star Wars films to life in the World Forum Theater in The Hague. You can now buy a ticket for the concert from 31 euros instead of 30 euros. So get your tickets for The Star Wars Suite quickly with a ten euro discount.

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To the St Matthew Passion with over 29 euro discount

Always wanted to experience the St Matthew Passion? The impressive music spectacle is an annual tradition and tells the Passion of Christ. Under the direction of conductor Pieter Jan Leusink, The Bach Choir & Orchestra of the Netherlands is like no other able to convey the emotion to you as a listener. By 12 March to 15 April 2021 the Matthäus Passion is performed on various locations in the Netherlands, such as (there it is again) the Grote Kerk. Order your tickets in advance with a big discount . A ticket now costs 31 euros instead of 59 euros. That is a whopping 23 euro advantage! As a gift you will receive a free gift package worth per order) euros.

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