Without knowing it, Golden Earring gave up 16 Nov200 in Ahoy their last concert. A registration of that show will soon be released on DVD, CD and LP, we read in AD.

Don’t stop the show was the first song with an appropriate title that Golden Earring played two years ago in Ahoy.

Last show

It was the band’s last show ever to play in 1961 was founded. “We didn’t care about that at the time,” says bassist Rinus Gerritsen, who spent months editing the audio and video files at the Wisseloord Studios with John Sonneveld. “We had just decided to leave out all the show stuff because we weren’t going to record it anyway. We made it a nice relaxed evening.”


In retrospect it appears that the power of the shots, which turned out to be good enough. “That was lucky”, says Gerritsen, “because without our knowledge our sound engineer had recorded the performance on several tracks. And there were five cameras in front of the video screens in the hall.”

When the concerts can be found in the shops is not yet known.

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