From A to B by car is as easy as it sounds. Unless you encounter traffic jams, detours or parking problems on the route. Then you probably want to travel differently. ANWB has come up with a solution: one app in which you plan, book and pay for all your trips (car, public transport and partial transport). The ANWB is now doing a trial with such an app. ANWB members can try it exclusively with euros travel credit.

If you want to plan and compare a trip with different modes of transport, you have to switch between many different apps

to know where to be when. The ANWB wants to ensure that there is one app that bundles all those apps. ANWB members can now test such an app. Not a member yet? You already have a basic membership for only 15,15 euros per year. With the euro travel credit that you receive with the registration , you have that so be on it!

For all your destinations

If you regularly visit You probably recognize it when you travel to The Hague: you regularly stop on the access roads to the city, such as the A12. Although other cities also have this problem, the focus of the trial is ‘ Smart to The Hague‘ on trips to and from The Hague. Do you have another destination? You can also use the app for that.

If you have registered for the trial, you will receive a download link for the app by email. In addition, you will also receive an OV chip card at home. All travel costs you incur for public transport and, for example, a shared bicycle or scooter are automatically debited by the ANWB afterwards. Do you already have an OV chip card? Then you can also use it for your route. Only the settlement does not run through ANWB, but simply through your own bank.

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Your entire journey in one app

How the app works? You enter your destination, based on that you will see an overview of different travel options and means of transport. Choose one of the options and immediately see where you can park and which bus or train you need. In addition, you can immediately see where you can pick up your public transport bicycle, shared bicycle or scooter for that last part of your journey. You can book bicycles and scooters in advance, but often only ten minutes before arrival. So do that when you almost arrive at your destination. This way you can travel in one go!

Sign up now

Do you want to participate in the trial? Sign up now and help the ANWB develop a smart and handy app. Please note: you can only register for the trial as an ANWB member. Not a member yet? For only 15,15 euros per year you already have a basic membership at ANWB. That’s what you can do with that euro travel credit!


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