New corona measures have been announced. If the House of Representatives agrees, you can dust off your mask. From Saturday 6 November you will have to wear one in more places. From now on, you will also have to show the corona admission ticket at more locations. Here’s an overview.

Good to know: you will receive a corona admission ticket if you have been fully vaccinated, have a recovery certificate or with a negative test result of a maximum of 11 hours old. Testing remains free for individuals who do not have a recovery or vaccination certificate. For more information check the website of the national government.

Catering industry

Photo ANP

Previously, a corona admission ticket was only needed when you entered the catering industry, from now on you must also show a corona admission ticket when you sit on the terrace.

Pick up

Are you going to pick up something in a restaurant or at one of the other takeout places in The Hague? Then you don’t have to leave no corona admission ticket see.

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Holland Casino Scheveningen. Photo ANP

Do you want to take a chance in the city at the Playground or at Scheveningen? Then you must show a corona ticket from Saturday 6 November.

Hommerson Casinos “The Playground”

Daily Green Market 12, 2021 AL The Hague

Now Closed

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Holland Casino Schevingen

Kurhausweg 1, 2021 RT Den Haag

Closed now

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Cultural venues such as theatres, concert halls and cinemas

In the practice of art and culture

Photo by Anna Shvets via Pexels

Are you going to a singing lesson or are you planning a guitar lesson? You must also show a corona ticket. This applies to all organized art and culture practice from the age of eighteen.

Organized youth activities for children up to the age of eighteen are excluded.