Published: 4 November 2021Modified: 5 November 2021

The Haagse Hout district office on the Loudonstraat is closed as of Monday, 1 November 2021. Are you a neighbourhood resident and would you like a Ja/Ja sticker, the Stadskrant or the free yellow garbage bags? From now on you will need to visit a different location in the city.

Do you have an appointment with one of the staff members at the city district office? And are you standing at the front door? Call the number of the staff member you have the appointment with. Or use the intercom by the doorbell.

Check where you can pick up the following things:


Haagse Hout library, Theresiastraat 195yellow garbage bags (seagull proof):

Wijk en Dienstencentrum Bezuidenhout, Johannes Camphuijsstraat 25De Reigershof city farm, Reigersbergenweg 280Ja/Ja stickers (if you would like to receive advertising material and free community newspapers):

Escamp district office (Leyweg)Laak district office (Slachthuisplein)Centrum district office (City Hall on the Spui) Also see:


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